During The Holocaust: Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

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Most people know that Hitler killed over six millions of Jews during the Holocaust. However, why did Hitler hate Jews? Why did he tried to wipe out this entire race of people? There are several possible reasons that may lead us to the answer. (Margaret whyguides) Childhood The first time when Hitler started to hate Jews was in his childhood. When he was in his middle school, he was always bullied by one of his Jewish classmates. When he was 19, his mother had passed away because a Jewish doctor didn’t cure her. And he didn’t enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Art, his dream school, because of Jewish professors. (Margaret, whyguides) Also, Robert Boothby had mentioned in his letter to Winston Churchill that Hitler was planning to kill all the Jewish people long time ago. (Robert Boothby, log.gov) Jealousy The other reason why Hitler hated Jews was probably jealousy. After the World War One, Hitler and many Germans were suffered in poor because of the economy problem, while the Jewish people were still able to make good money and have good jobs even in the hard times. When he was suffering on the street after the First World War, the hardest time in his life, he saw many rich Jewish people showing other people how much did they have. Hitler’s hatred toward Jews grew…show more content…
When he was young, he learned that Jews are the cause of all evil from an anti-Semitic book called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which had probably affect his whole life. Although Hitler was well educated, the book still influence his mind greatly (Margaret, whyguides). His hatred toward Jews were drew up from this literature. He deeply believed that Jews are disloyal, untrustworthy, and not capable to be a German citizen, (Jessica Marie, enkivillage) so when he formed the Nazi party, he chose the Jews as a scapegoat to gain support from German people. He also blamed the Jews on made Germany lost in the World War One (Margaret,
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