Quality Of America

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How can improvements be made without the people who want the improvements don’t make an effort? Giving American citizens the responsibility to improve their own lives may cause setbacks, but it is the outcome of these setbacks that enable change and allow further quality of life. Without American citizens taking initiative to improve their own lives, they will be never be satisfied with the quality of their own lives. Many improvements in this world such as freedom and rights were not established through citizens counting on authority to make this change. It was the people who were affected by this dilemma that took action that ended up giving a new meaning to life. It is from the responsibilities of the citizens in which the most positive improvements in the quality of life are made. The world one…show more content…
A mass body of people pointed out what they liked and disliked. Throughout history, one can clearly see change is made through citizen’s inputs that eventually makes an impact on the quality of life. During the Progressive Era, America was portrayed as the “best country” in the world. However, no one bothered to bring up the fact that one out of three people were starving to death or only six out of ten children were attending school due to financial instability in American households. The government was well aware of the poverty issues but they did not make an effort to help the people. Without Jacob Riis’s photo essay bringing awareness to American urban decay and poverty, the reality would have been unknown. Through his baffling photos taken in urban cities, he successfully made people realize that these so-called “improvements to America” such as good economy, trade, and innovation were actually making the working class poorer by resulting in little pay and unsanitary working and living environments. The federal government’s
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