During The Progressive Era Essay

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During the Progressive Era, the federal government and reformers were mostly successful in bringing about national reform. An increased effort to improve working conditions, equality for race and gender, and the nation’s economy and government was taken. This action was enforced by the federal government, therefore showing that they were involved in the process. However, the results of these efforts often had limited effects and not all of them could be considered completely successful. With all of the immigrants coming in to America, new issues arose dealing with jobs and treatment of the newcomers. Authors, such as Upton Sinclair, addressed the problems by making the public aware of them. In Document B, the poor way in which meat was cared for got out to the public. As a result, the government passed the Meat inspection act and Pure Food and Drug Act. This significantly improved that problem. Jane Addam’s Hull House also was made to improve the working immigrant’s conditions. In her book, The Spirit of Youth and the City…show more content…
Shown in Document F is just one example of how women were feeling deprived of essential rights. The creation of the National American Woman Suffrage Association aided women in laying the platform for pursuing equal rights and revived the national interest in women’s suffrage. Most reform movements contained numerous women such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union which attempted to eliminate alcohol consumption. Women began to push away from their original stereotypes and transformed into what was called the “New Woman”. This progressive movement was met with much success. On the contrary some people denounced the success of America in giving more rights to people. They claimed that the nation has returned to the state it was in before the civil war (Document G). However, America had actually done a lot to better the nation and improve issues such as woman

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