Durkheim's Impact On History

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Durkheim is a renowned academic, even more so in France, and often heralded as one of the originators of the field of sociology and the division of the social sciences as we know it today . His influence proved so great that Durkheimian, as a school of thought, emerged, playing an important role in the creation of a historiography separate to the German dominated historicism mentioned earlier . Although Durkheim’s influence expanded beyond history, primarily concerned as he was with sociology, his involvement in history is difficult to overlook, particularly due to the influence it had on Marc Bloch in this case. There should be no uncertainty here, Durkheim was intensely interested in history, seeing it as a necessary component of sociology and going so far as to conflate the two together, seeing history and sociology as studying similar phenomenon from different perspectives; history studying the particular whereas sociology examined the general . Durkheim’s opinion concerning the intimately connected existences of history and sociology can be understood by examining his own words in 1903 concerning the topic;

“In reality, there is nothing in my knowledge of sociology which merits the name, which doesn’t have a historical character…That which will be true of history will be true of sociology.”

Durkheim’s work concerning history affected Marc Bloch’s own works concerning the social dimension of history but what shall be examined below is specifically, and only, the
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