Durkheim's Theory Of Police Brutality

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Many people would assume the police are there for our protection, nevertheless, there job is to protect the state. Some police officer that disobey the laws they are supposed to uphold. Some critics would believe that the people who fight back against police officers are the problem instead of the hidden racism. Police brutality has been affecting many people throughout history, which has become a social problem. Nevertheless, many people would state that the police are only doing their job, yet they are not being held accountable for their actions. Many minorities have become victims of racial profiling by the police. Durkheim’s theory of societal development of organizations help create a society that was being further alienated creating…show more content…
Where everyone is depending on individuals this is the driving force of modern society and there are rules that need to be followed to create order. The link to organic solidarity is connected to the division of labor and helps find solution to the struggle of anomie. This is a society that has many different kinds of perspective per individuals and creates a self-center environment for everyone. Durkheim’s thoughts were to collect the rights ideas in controlling human needs because the laws would be either to strict or to relaxed and this would create the process of anomie. He also mentioned that the strict rules would be the start problems because of forced division of labor that would happen when the lower classes were unhappy with the positions they were put into. However, Emile Durkheim understands the complications of his ideas because unstructured division of labor demands equability of external forces that he knows can never occur. The way that anomie would be define is the way that people or a crowd is in constant conflict with each other. Furthermore, anomie affects a group or people when they are struggling to follow the current norms, which causes people to feel separated from society

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