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The most beautiful individuals are the ones who went through one of the toughest situations but, yet, came out victorious in a fight that could not be only physically won but mentally. During the Great Depression, there were various factors that played a tremendous role in the devastation on the American people. The Dust Bowl, in 1934, coerced darkness across the Great Plains in America as the rains ceased completely in the earlier 1930s (“Dust”). Soil starved from water sought out for revenge and strangled the life out of the settler’s crops, prosperity, and life as they knew it. To make an already terrible situation even worse, the Great Depression developed and began its toll on the citizens of America when the stock market crashed and farmers…show more content…
The Great Depression hit the citizens of America in 1930 and created havoc on farmer’s crop profits (Tarshis 8). The banks began to close and lose money. Wheat prices dropped and life for the settlers of the Great Plains became harsh. There was no money circulating throughout the economy given that no one in the region had any to spend without the sales of their crops (Henderson). Families became poor and could no longer manage their farms. The economy suffered terribly without the support of the farmer’s profits circulating. This created the beginning of the most widely known suffrage of the American people. Wheat became no longer a demand since half of the country could not afford even their mortgages or anything besides what they could ration on their own (Wik). Since the farmers stripped the land of the prairie grass, soil throughout the Great Plains became dry and wilted. Winds became avid and blew the dust into the air creating a brown atmosphere. Many suffered from breathing in the dust and were sent to local hospitals for a condition called “dust pneumonia” (Tarshis 9). The dust invaded houses and almost every area of the settler’s lives. It was impossible to escape the dust. The dust seemed to choke the life out of everything in its path. This decade of life for the nation and especially the settlers of the Great…show more content…
The Great Depression and Dust Bowl created havoc on the country’s economic standpoint for almost a decade. It was time for the government to take action. President Franklin Roosevelt proposed that money should be invested in the people, the working class (Roosevelt). By investing in the people it would increase the circulation of money. With the circulation of money, it would create businesses and blooming businesses would create job opportunities for the citizens of America. President Roosevelt created the CCC that would offer seven programs to help aid families caught in the devastation of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl (Roosevelt). The problems circulating around the two occurrences had to be hit square and precisely. When building a house, the foundation is the most important factor in it. Why? Without a strong, firm base, the house is easily able to crumble. However, when the foundation is built up adequately and sound, the house can withstand anything. The same goes for the country’s economic foundation. When the government invested in the people, it was exactly like investing in the foundation. The working class is what created the base for businesses, which then created job opportunities. Overall, the government’s response the catastrophic occurrence of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl was long overdue but, in the end, saved the county’s economic

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