How Did The New Deal Affect Society

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For almost 10 years, a drought ripped through the Midwest and affected families in a negative way. At the time of the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression was going on in America. In addition, President Herbert Hoover was not doing much to assist the farmers affected by the drought. FDR rolled along and put an end to all of this madness. During the “Dirty Thirties,” the Dust Bowl took place and affected farmers across the Midwest, resulting in less money and the collapse of business; however, the president enacted the New Deal which solved a lot of the problems. The market crash caused businesses to close and as a result, people wanted to work for any wage. The 1929 market crash caused the Great Depression and closed factories (Worster 5). When…show more content…
FDR’s “New Deal” was coined during the 1932 Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech (US History). At the time the New Deal was put into play, it was already designed before he was in office. At first, it was meant to deliver relief to the unemployed and those afraid of losing their stuff (US History). FDR was realizing that families and farmers were losing their stuff and he wanted to prevent that from keep happening. As a matter of fact, President Roosevelt implemented programs to teach farmers soil conservation practices and educate them on sustainable levels (Wretz). FDR wanted to educate them because he felt like if they tried this it can stop the drought and could prevent this from ever happening again. Almost immediately, in 1935 FDR rolled out another round of New Deal programs because the Supreme Court struck down the National Industrial Recovery Act. He was concerned that other programs would also be eliminated (The Balance). The NIRA was put into action in 1933 and was a US labor law and consumer law passed by Congress to authorize the President to regulate the industry for fair wages and prices that would stimulate economic recovery. It was taken out because at the time of the Dust Bowl there was also the Great Depression and no one even including the government had enough money so they could not keep up with the fair prices and wages. A couple of years later in 1937, a 3rd wave of the New Deal rolled along because FDR was concerned about the budget deficits (The Balance). As a result, the last wave did not do as well as the other two waves. Despite the effects of the New Deal would take time (US History). Just imagine that you are going down a hill before you head down the hill you have to get to the top of the hill. That is how it was for the New
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