Dust Bowl Essay

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During the period of the dust bowl, dust storms would parade over the agriculture of many US prairies. The dust bowl was a man made phenomenon. The drought at the time didn’t help either. The dust bowl caused great havoc on farmers and all sorts of wildlife. Plant life wasn’t safe either. With little to no rain, high dust storms, and even depression. The drought and failure to apply dry land farming methods were the main causes of the Dust Bowl. Due to the drought, the lack of precipitation affected both wildlife and plant life. The drought even caused domestic problems such as water shortages. Millions would migrate west in search of work. Conflict would be inflicted upon the newcomers for those who already had lived in the settlement where…show more content…
This was one of the soul causes of the Dust Bowl. With such advances, erosion, dust, and heat all still played a fairly big role to the leading cause of the dust bowl. Not only dealing with the great depression, farmers back in the 1930’s had to deal with their own problems, such as growing enough crops to get paid. This was difficult knowing the phenomenon with the dust bowl. Towns people would have money, bathrooms, and a better life while farmers on the outside had to rely on their own sources to live off of. Farmers failed to follow a new technique of farming which would help prevent wind erosion during the drought. Dryland farming would benefit farmers by using drought resistant crops and conserving moisture. Wheat, corn, and even watermelon were crops that would be grown. The method of dry farming would’ve benefitted the farmers in need of crops but the failure to acknowledge the technique had devastated farmers from all around in arid lands. In conclusion, the dust bowl was a man made phenomenon. Arising from the Great Depression, an even bigger problem came around the corner. The Dust Bowl affected many farmers and settlements across the land of 100 million acres. The Dust Bowl became known as the “dirty thirties” and became known as the only acceptable US drought. The Dust Bowl lasted 10 excruciating
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