Dust Bowl History

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Knowing in the 1930’s, Can america survive another dust bowl? With this paper explaining great facts but persuasive ways of telling you why we can and would do to survive a dust bowl. ‘We are shown from the 1930’s to today's time of how we were drastically affected and how we were capable of surviving and making things back to normal if you know what i mean’. (“Dust Bowl” ) During the period of the 1930's, There was a name given to the depression-ridden America called the Dust Bowl. Many states were affected by this like Texas, Colorado and even New Mexico. Little to no rain fell during this period and a lot of destruction occurred. There was a drought during this period of time that struck between 1934 to 1937 lasting for a good 3 years, the soil was no longer able to be growable or strong enough to hold the nutrients to grow food. With food not being able to grow, how could they have a food source to survive? Very…show more content…
It had affected everyone in its reigns like the rich, the businessmen and even people who controlled various amounts of land. Farmers disobeyed the government of cutting back of production. They produced more than needed because they were trying to make up for major loss in profit. Strong winds played a big role in the Dust Bowl when they were able to pick up big clouds of dust, dirt, and anything in its way. “Each year the storms grew more ferocious and more frequent, sweeping up millions of tons of earth, covering farms and homes across the Plains with sand, and spreading the dust across the country. Children developed often fatal "dust pneumonia," business owners unable to cope with the financial ruin committed suicide, and thousands of desperate Americans were torn from their homes and forced on the road in an exodus unlike anything the United States has ever seen.” (“”) They could not escape from the depression but this gigantic
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