Dust Bowl In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird a book that shows the reader some complex problems that are seen through the eyes of a young child. One of the problems that Scout has is she having a hard time understanding is the issue of poverty and why lots of them don't have much money. The reason why is because of the dust bowl which was a tragic time of people in the south and America. Like the Cunninghams not have much money and having to pay Atticus back with food. The Dust Bowl also known as the dirty thirties. It was a period of dust storms that tremendously damaged the ecology and agriculture places in the united states. The dust bowl took place in lots of states in the united states. Like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, new Mexico and more. It started from the…show more content…
So they could buy food and have a roof over their heads. Because they had no more land of homes. The Dust Bowl is associate to the great depression because the dust bowl caused a drought throughout parts of America. Which lead to a food shortage and the market to crash. I think the dust bowl could of be prevented. Because if they would of taking better care of the crops and land it might not of happened. But since as though it did happen if we don't take care of our land it could happen again. Some people think that the president back then Herbert Hoover made the Dust Bowl worse. Because when it happened, he did not do much. I mean he tried to help but things just got worse. Plus people did not really like him, which made things worse. Then there were town built by poor people called the Hoovervilles. Which was named after the president. There were also people called Okies which were poor immigrants. So because of the dust bowl many people went to California to live and California started to become crowed. Dust Bowl is related to To Kill A Mockingbird. Because like to To Kill a Mockingbird people back then were impoverished and had dreadful living conditions. But most of all it was hard on both white and black people because it was hard for them to make money. Also to provide for their families. That is how To Kill a Mockingbird is related to the Dust
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