Dust Bowl Mistakes

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“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us”-Rachel Wolchin. If you’ve ever made a bad grade on a test than you know mistakes are natural. If your mistake was on a math test and you forgot a negative sign, then on the next test be more conscious. Picking up what has fallen is the highest struggle and the highest form of growth. The human race has made mistakes trying to make life better, but must try to fix them like after the dust bowl and the recent smog in Delhi. Fields as far as the eye could see of long, lush grass with native Americans and bison enjoying life. The fields were amazing before the settlers came with the 6 foot tall prairie grass that had 9 feet tightly woven roots. Prairie grass could handle stampedes of bisons the boiling sun and the bone dry drought that that part of the country went through. Grass that could survive fire from lightning hadn’t been harmed until the early 1800’s Furthermore, ripping out one of the most sustainable plants would be a mistake worse than dropping a nuke. After ripping out all of the prairie grass to plant crops there…show more content…
They couldn’t see near Delhi and it caused a 70 car accident and in the Dust Bowl it caused cars to crash. Car lights couldn’t shine through in the dust of the Dust Bowl and in the smog people have to wear glasses to be able to see without a constant stinging feeling. Both were painful to be outside during and took a long time to recover. During the Smog people were having their eyes and throats stung similar to the dust of the Dust Bowl. Unlike the smog the dust would tear through people 's skin like thousands of tiny clause. The sand got inside no matter what they did and the smog gets in every time someone walks in. People would hang damp towels over the windows to keep the sand out but nothing worked. In Delhi they filtered the air inside, but every time someone walked in the smog would enter alongside
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