Dust Bowl Negatively Affected People's Life

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The Dust Bowl negatively affected people who lived there in a personal way. By 1940, more than 2.5 million people had fled from the regions affected by the Dust Bowl. Nearly 10 percent moved to California. It was devastating for generations of families because it changed their lives forever. ( staff) “2.5m people fled the areas that had been affected by the dust bowl”. Because of all the debris, it was hard to even breathe in that area. “Dust clouds rose as high as 10,000, making it impossible for people to live there”. The dust clouds not only were super big, but took a long time to go by too. “Drought struck from 1934 until 1937 there was a drought, so there was no water for the families”. It was an impossible life for so many…show more content…
“If you were outside during a dust storm, you could be killed by suffocation”. Sometimes, the dust even came into the houses! “It was very dangerous during a dust storm, as buildings sometime collapsed and you could get hurt”. There weren 't many tall buildings in the area, but still, if you go splat by steel, then you 're dead for sure. “Many developed dust pneumonia from breathing in dust for too long”. (Disease during the Dust Bowl) For the people that did not move out of the area, the dust had a great impact on their health. Many people did not get enough to eat because the crops would not grow so they were malnourished. People got rickets, which is what happens when your diet is so unhealthy and you do not get enough Vitamin D. “People also got Valley Fever, which is fungus in the lungs”. (Bill Ganzel) The living conditions were absolutely horrible in the dust bowl. It was impossible to keep the house clean. Dust was in everything. School was cancelled because it was too dusty. They had to light lanterns to see during the day because of all the dust when they did have
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