Dust Bowl Paragraph

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What would you say is wrong with Earth? For example maybe it’s global warming, homelessness, unemployment, species going extinct, resources running out or maybe you would say that it’s pollution. Pollution not only affects humans, but also plant, animals, and the environment. Pollution is a huge problem that is both continually becoming worse and is hard to fix. Humans have been creating problems for as long as they have been around and they are still creating them like the “Dust Bowl” of 1935 or the recent smog in Delhi, but all problems have a solution. Nevertheless “The Dust Bowl” or “Black Sunday” was not only a large dust storm, but the largest in US history. To understand the Dust Bowl you have to understand the expansion into the west.…show more content…
The cloud appeared in November and kept almost everyone inside for it was “eye-stinging and throat-burning.” The smog is so thick it is is being blamed for a 70 car accident near the city. The city which has a population of 19 million as of 2012 is a hub for pollution with factories, cars, and other normal air polluters. The amount of pollution is so surprising that the levels of PM 2.5 (fine particles in the air) soared to 16 times the safe limit. Since the cloud appeared in the winter it is even worse of a time, for the winter is the worst season for pollution since the poor burn trash, and the electricity plants ramp up production to keep up with the heating. When the poor burn trash for heat they burn anything they can find including plastic and rubber which produced more smoke when burned. The effect on citizens is probably the worst part the smog is so unhealthy that it is the equivalent of smoking around two and a half packs of cigarettes a day. One Delhi local, Amaan Ahuja, thought that someone had burned a few pieces of paper in her house one…show more content…
After the storm in 1935 the people living in the affected area and the rest of the United States realised that removing all of the prairie grass wasn’t the best decision. The U.S. government decided to plant back some of the grass along with trees. Ever since there hasn’t been a storm even close to being as large in the United States. To help keep citizens and children out of the smog, but to also help reduce the smog the Chief Minister of Delhi issued emergency measures, including a 10 day closure of a power plant and a 3 day closure of around 1,800 public schools. Along with the emergency measures health guidelines issued about symptoms of the smog said that if you are feeling “breathlessness, giddiness, chest pain, and/or chest constriction” you should go to the hospital. Those are some examples of what a government can do too, but what can we do? First of all we can drive less and walk, ride bike, or the bus more often. How about just turning off the lights for an hour. You don’t have to do something big because if everyone just did something small, everyday it would make a huge
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