Dust Bowl Thesis

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Thesis:People's actions caused the dust bowl” The dust bowl Hook: It was a long decade. Full of loneliness,dullness and most of all sickness. "Dust Bowl“A severe drought happened and it had caused dry land farming and the plants could not grow. There was so much dust so the wind would push it.”There are many more examples. Like for instance“People caused the dust bowl because the people wanted more. They wanted more because it happened in the middle of the great depression. So there was a lot going on.“Dry land farming on the Great Plains led to the systematic destruction of the prairie grasses. In the ranching regions, overgrazing also destroyed large areas of grassland. Gradually, the land was laid bare, and significant environmental…show more content…
The dust bowl is very serious.“But in the summer of 1931, the rains disappeared. Crops withered and died. There had always been strong winds and dust on the Plains, but now over plowing created conditions for disaster. There was dust everywhere, because the people couldve worried about others than themselves. The one thing the people could be doing is just hope and stick together and maybe things will all plan out and it would be done very soon. Afterward, there was dust everywhere—in food, in water, in the lungs of animals and people. The dust was to big to handle so you could not do anything animals had nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Animals were found dead in the fields, their stomachs coated with two inches of dirt. People spat up clods of dirt as big around as a pencil. An epidemic raged throughout the Plains: they called it dust pneumonia.” Everybody was dying, even…show more content…
In a very bad way. The dust bowl was very hard for the people living in it. They could do nothing because it was very hard to go outside and have something to do. It was even harder to get away from the dust because it could get through the cracks in your

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