Dust Bowl Visual Analysis

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The Dust Bowl and the Great Depression were two of the most influential times in the United States because it was something that could have been avoided. Due to overproduction, a stock market crash and a severe drought, Americans were forced to relocate from the west in order to find jobs, food and shelter for their families. Photos were taken of the time period to show a visual aspect of the dark time. In one of the photos, two children boys are sitting with their hands on their faces in a bored-like state. The image gives the audience a sense of anger, sadness and regret because of the expressions on the faces.
The children are the focus of the image and set in the center of the photo. They have sunken dirt covered faces, messy hair and tattered clothes providing the assumption that the two boys have had a hard time in life. The boys are not happy and cheery, playing outside in the dirt and grass like any child should be. Instead they are forced to be living in the mud and grass because they could not go anywhere else. The boys wear
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The tree only appears on the left side of the photo and is covering the face of one boy. On the right side, where the tree is not showing, bright beams of light are shown upon the face of the boy with freckles and crooked teeth. This style was used to contrast the different shadows and light to add a darker tone to the image.
The image is used to tell the story of two boys who were affected by the Dust Bowl and Great Depression and try to provide a visual point of view. This image differs from other photos because, this photo shows how this time period left a toll on its children. Instead of focusing on the surroundings like tattered clothes, camps and older generations reactions, its main focus is the children. The children play an important part because they can explain how they felt and how the events of the Great Depression influenced and changed their
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