Dustin Paxton Interview

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While watching the interview of Dustin Paxton, I noticed a lot of verbal and non-verbal communication that makes me believe he is guilty. It was going fairly smooth until the officer asked Paxton if he had seen the news in the past 24 hours. Paxton responded ‘yes’ in which the officer asked what his thoughts were. Dustin instantly crossed his arms which leads me to believe he wanted a barrier as some sort of protection. That question made Paxton emotional as he sobbed: ‘I miss him, I miss him, and I miss everybody. My thoughts are I cannot ******* believe that there is not one ******* person that is standing up and calling this ******* bull****’. It is evident by the emotion and swearing that Dustin is unhappy that he doesn’t have a single…show more content…
Later on in the interview Paxton says: ‘I would never try and harm anybody’. That is a huge red flag. By him saying that, I believe he most definitely did commit the offences which are in question. He might not have tried to, or even had the intention to harm him but he did. It’s the same as me saying I didn’t mean to harm a baby by dropping it on its head, but it happened regardless and I would have to face the consequences. Right after that Paxton declares he was always out to help people, not to frigging hurt them. Perhaps he was bitter that he was always helping people, and nobody would ever help him in return. Clearly Paxton had a lack of supportive entourage, and therefore he wanted to get their attention somehow. It is very possible that he had always been a good guy, but changed his ways because he never got the same treatment in return. Paxton continues: ‘This guy deteriorated every single day. Every day he got worse and worse. Every day he was a lesser person’. This is a sign that Paxton is trying to dehumanize his former
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