Dutch Doctors Resistance Essay

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Dokter Weerstand The Holocaust was a horrific mass execution of Jews that sparked many resistance movements across Europe. Sheltering Jews and violent rebellion movements were among the countless efforts. If found aiding a Jew or resisting the Nazi movement you would likely be killed. The Dutch Doctors Resistance highlights the importance of resistance on a national and individual level against fascism and tyranny. When looking for “Dutch Doctors Resistance” what mostly comes up is the refusal of doctors during WWII to join the doctors guild and work for the Nazi party. As this would mean servicing any jews was prohibited, many doctors refused. Many doctors began working from home and also visiting Jews in hiding. As medical care in the…show more content…
Not only must we learn from our mistakes but also our triumphs. Young people need to take away from this story respect for the sacrifices made. We also must learn to think about the well being of not a few but the entire population of a country or our world. Many descendants of resistance have become selfish and in that spit in the face of that noble effort. We must also be reminded of the fact that inaction only helps the aggressor. The doctors took action while a lot of the world stood by. Not only were the people of Holland less hungry due to doctors efforts, but when the doctors were put into the camps they would nurse the Jews to keep them alive. This kept Holland from nationwide starvation, allowing the freedom to not be controlled by Nazis withholding food. It ignited more rebellion and movements in Holland. Yet still people acted as bystanders as they watched their neighbors be dragged into van and carried off to a known destiny. Some kept quiet so their family would not be harmed. Many more selfishly turned a cheek to keep themselves out of harm 's way or simply could not be bothered by the cries of helpless people. This indifference, or not wanting to rock the boat, is what creates most problems in human
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