Dutch Influence On American Culture Essay

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Although England primarily dominated the East coast of North America, the Dutch has had a remarkable influence on American culture today. This is clearly the result the Dutch colonized on New York and the events leading up to it. The Dutch had left a strong architectural impact still in effect today. The Dutch left a cultural legacy that influences, and is being practiced today. To begin, the Dutch colonization in present day New York has shaped America today. In the late 16th century, Catholic Spain was defeated by the no longer oppressed Dutch Republic, with the aid of Protestant England. This opened a gateway to the New World and the Dutch had risen as a leading colonial power in the 17th century. Now that they had an advantage in power,…show more content…
They brought with them the idea of St. Nicholas at Christmas time which is where the idea of Santa Claus comes from. Sharing a drink with your neighbor on New Year's Day is also a part of the holiday customs. Another thing is, about one percent of the English language is derived from Dutch. For example, the word “boss” is derived from the word “baas” which means master and, “booze” is derived from “busen” which means to drink in excess. Also, these people did not bring with them but eventually established religious and cultural tolerance. The investors had no enthusiasm for religious toleration, free-speech, or democratic practices; and the governors appointed by the company as directors were usually harsh and undemocratic on the matter. In response to repeated protests by angry colonists, a local body with limited law-making power was finally established. Then in the 1640’s, New York’s constant speech of immigrants was foreshadowed when a French Jesuit missionary noted that 18 different languages were being spoken in the streets. The Dutch named places like Harlem (Haarlem), Brooklyn (Breuckelen) and, Hell gate (Hellegat). Products, ideas and, activities such as easter eggs, bowling, and windmills were introduced to the New World. Many of the customs, products and laws were clearly dramatically influential because they are still being practiced
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