Duterte War On Drugs Analysis

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A couple of days ago, Duterte drew the ire of netizens after stating that he would be willing to kill 3 million drug addicts in his "War on Drugs" the same way mass murderer Adolf Hitler ordered the slaughter of 6 million Jews in what is known as the darkest chapter in human history, commonly referred to as the Holocaust. I don 't know about you, but Duterte comparing his "War on Drugs" to Hitler 's "Final Solution" is quite troubling. Now, I understand black/dark comedy. In fact, it 's my favorite genre. So when the leader of a predominantly Christian nation likens his strategy to that of Hitler 's, you start asking yourself: "Am I in the Twilight Zone?" (cue the eerie background music).
Even veteran stand-up comedians refrain from touching
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"Kill drug addicts. No Rehab." That 's it. Duterte believes the problem is "drugs." This is why I 'm not impressed with his so-called "War on Drugs." There is no war on drugs. Colombia failed their war on drugs. What they did is to decriminalize it. Colombia is still the world 's largest supplier of cocaine. It 's a mental health problem. Addiction is a disease. You don 't kill or starve to death an obese person because he can 't stop eating. You teach them a new habits to deal with the problem. Lifelong skills that will empower them to overcome addiction. Most of these drug users and small-time dealers are doing it because of the lack of opportunities and other environmental factors. Duterte might be effective in other areas of government, but when the method is wrong and unequivocally believe think it 's the right path, it 's a train wreck waiting to happen. It 's similar to a blundering doctor wrongfully prescribing a medicine to his patient. At worst, the patient suffers the side effects of the wrongly prescribed medicine in the form of allergies. In Duterte 's War on Drugs, the patient gets a bullet to the head. And we all know there 's no cure for
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