Duty In High Noon

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One the most important philosophy concept topic from the movie High Noon was the notion of Duty or the notion of Utilitarianism. The movie wanted to discuss Will Kane sense of duty throughout the film and the townspeople sense of duty too. The beginning of the film he was getting married to Amy and able to retired from being a marshal to live a good life with his new wife. The evil character Frank wanted to kill Kane for putting him in jail. The townspeople do not want him to help out; because he is not a marshal anymore. The townspeople believe it’s not his problem anymore and wanted to defend against Frank alone. This notion does input the ideas on what people morality and control of the hold of belief in the first place. His new wife Amy, is a Quaker, who does not believe in violence to solve problems. The reason she became a Quaker, her father and brother were killed by guns with violence. The two newlyweds are leaving, his sense of duty kicked in and believed he was not a good person for leaving the townspeople to fight against Frank because of his positive actions of putting Frank injustice. This causing a major effect from Kane actions of putting Frank in jail, and he believes it’s his responsible to protect the town and all the hard work of making the town a better place from Frank himself. In the…show more content…
Kane believes being a Marshal of putting Frank in jail, within his actions, and Frank wanted revenge on Kane for putting him in jail. Kane’s Utilitarianism’s will wants to protect the town and its people of the sense of Duty within him. His wife had a personal belief of being a Quaker pushed herself into a corner and she overcome her own beliefs of justice and follow her new duty of protecting her husband from Frank and his followers. The importance of the sense of duty does so the true meaning of Justice of the people’s action and the effects throughout the
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