Duty Of Family

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The duty of family is important in youngsters because it is the main foundation and structure of youngsters itself. Chaotic background of family can affect the foundation for children's learning .According to article; divorce family can affect typical reaction of children (Kathleen O'Connell Corcoran, 1997). The increasing numbers of chaotic background of family also increase the negative changes in the parent-child relationship based on their interaction among each other’s. As we know they learn how to manage their emotions and behaviours and establish healthy relationships with adults and peers through their parent in the family. Some of them would feel alienated by their own family. The social problems among youngsters are the common things.…show more content…
Daren O’Toole in 2014 stated “as a society we must call upon our parents and our schools to provide necessary guidance, care and education to our children “.Unfortunately, mostly parents do not care about this statement. For example, there are parents who do not care about welfare and give guidance towards their own children. Furthermore, parents also do not care about education in school for their children. According to statistics, “In 2014, 69% of couple families with at least one child under 16 years of age had two working parents, up from 36% in 1976. This proportion increased in every province, but not equally among provinces “(Statistics Canada, 2015). As we all know, children are need of fully attention from their parents. For examples ,there are some parents are too busy working to increase their earnings, so children will be neglected and do not get enough affection and attention. The attitude of parents may affect the children who are not getting the attention it deserves and they will do things not beneficial to release their bored. In addition, there are also some of them that do the social problems just to get parents attention from their parents. In short , the majority of social problems in Malaysia among youngsters due to parents do not provide guidance , care and education to their children and also parents are too busy working…show more content…
Scientists have found that parents have the most impact over their pre-adult youngsters in the territories of school, vocation introduction, and future arranging (Meeus, 1989; Younnis and Smollar, 1985). As we all know, parents as a role model for youngsters. “Role modeling is one of the most powerful tools you have in your parenting tool belt to influence the direction of your children’s character, whatever their age. When used to best advantage, you can pass on the values you want your children to adopt so that they become the adults you would like them to be” (The Center for Parenting Education , 2016). So, parents are very important influence on their child. Parents must to make sure their socially and behavior are good because all their behavior will be followed by their children. For example, most youngsters will more tendencies to smoke because their father is smoking in front of them. Besides, the role of parents to overcome problems of youngsters is providing a good religious and moral education to the children. Religious Education is a fundamental part of a wide and adjusted training (Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Counci, 2016). Truth be told, religious is a capable weapon that could help them fight off any negative components. Religious education is important because it will complete youngsters on good moral, social and spiritual knowledge that helps in physical and mental
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