Duval County Obesity Case Study

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1. According to the CDC, about 35% of the U.S adults are obese. According to the Florida Charts website the national rate of obesity in the state of Florida in 2013 for adults were 26.4%. In Duval County it was 31.1%, it is mind blowing that Duval county obesity rate is more than the states rates. 2. There are too many easy accesses to junk foods. Lack of physical activity, many people in the United States barely walks to a corner store. Lastly, alcohol is another factor, because alcohol has empty calories. 3. UNF can advertise physical activities and eating well. I feel that sorority, frats, or university clubs should share the importance of being healthy and eating nutrient dense food. The Osprey café should modify their menu. For example,…show more content…
I am actually part of a group at UNF called Rasine Kreyol Collegiate. Like I mentioned previously in the Haitian community, we use a lot of spices and season on our foods. 99.9% of the members in this origination are Haitian. I went over a meal plan with low sodium intake with the group. I also went over and exercising planned I received from my personal trainer at LA Fitness. Exercising believe it or not can prevent many chronic diseases. For those who don’t exercise at all, I suggest that they start at least twice a week between 30 mins to an hour. Reason being to achieve a goal, it must be realistic, manageable for one’s self efficacy. Once that goal is achieved, then it is safe to raise the bars, in this case work out more than 2 days a week, and so…show more content…
I chose to watch “Weight of the Nation”, because the title itself was appealing. I made the assumption that the documentary would provide information on weight throughout the United States. I wanted to get a holistic view on the obesity epidemic that we are struggling with. This documentary was well informative; obesity is a factor of genetics, environmental and behaviors. Granted some may people may have a harder time losing weight because of their genes, at the same token they shouldn’t use that as an excuse. They should take the initiative to work harder to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Approximately a third or less of the United States population, can maintain a healthy weight. “Starting from the 1980s, we saw a rapid increase”, over a third man and woman are obese. “People who are poor tends to have a higher rate of obesity”, but in these ages even wealthy people rates have gone higher. Obesity affects everyone believe it or not. It affects are death rates, many who are obese dies from chronic diseases, and while they are alive health insurances are higher, and whose paychecks are targeted? Working individuals like you and

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