Dvork New World Symphony Analysis

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Dvorak’s new world symphony that was played in class was performed by the Vienna philharmonic. The Vienna Philharmonic were founded in 1842 and is considered one of the finest orchestras in the world. They are extremely prestigious on who they pick to become a member and represent themselves in performance. The Vienna Philharmonic is based in the Musikverein in Vienna and, its members are selected from the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera.
In the piece that was performed by The Vienna Philharmonic, symphony No. 9 in E minor “from the new world”, it had four movements. In the first movement, it was a sonata-allegro form that included and introduction, exposition, recapitulation, and a coda. There were two themes in the first movement and several tempo changes and transitions. There were also variations in the theme and had different instruments play the theme at different times, but the full orchestra finished the movement
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In the exposition, it had two themes and a transition. There was also a couple of solos with the clarinet. In the development, there were three sections and a transition. The violas played a repeated melodic motive while the woodwinds play the “Going Home” theme twice. In the Recapitulation there were two themes and a closing section. The woodwinds brought in the closing theme, and all traces of excitement are gone by this time in the piece. In the last section of the movement and piece is the coda, which is comprised of four sections. . Ironically, the piece ends not with the full orchestra, but with the woodwinds alone. So ends the glorious New World Symphony!
My favorite part of the piece was in movement two, section B. That was when the violins supported the clarinets with theme two. It was the closest thing to a solo with the violins that you could get. I have always enjoyed the sound of a violin and I believed that it complimented the clarinet very
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