Pros And Cons Of Dwarf Tossing

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Recommendation: Dwarf tossing should be banned, for the following reasons: one, dwarf tossing is an “affront” to the dignity of dwarfs as a community; and two, dwarf tossing creates a risk of harm. Problem summary: Several initiatives have been pursued to lift the ban on dwarf tossing. Supporters emphasize the discrimination that dwarfs experience, and how this practice serves as an employment opportunity that empowers dwarfs—one that may easily guarantee a dwarf at least $500 a day and a six-digit income annually. Advocates for the practice claim that dwarf tossing limits discrimination in the work place on the basis of size, seeing as dwarfs can engage in activities where they are empowered by their size. Drivers behind lifting the ban discuss dwarfs’ experiences with…show more content…
Also, one must account for the person who is tossing. Seeing as the activity usually takes place in bars and even strip clubs, people are often under the influence of alcohol when engaging in this activity. Thus, the person who is tossing the dwarf may not be apt to engage in this activity, and may lead to harming both the dwarf and themselves. Seeing as this activity is profitable, dwarfs may be inclined to try new things for more money, like try to flip as they land, or simply adding a new prop or two. Through this inclination, dwarfs expose themselves to unwarranted harm, one that has not been calculated as a possibility due to the lack of practice. Dwarf tossing also causes emotional and psychological harms. Seeing as dwarfs are reduced to mere projectile objects, they are degraded further reducing their self-respect, and their self-worth at the expense of entertaining audience members. In addition, this harm could extend to other dwarfs who do not engage in dwarf tossing, but are seen as projectile objects because of the perpetuated stereotypes.

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