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FACT: You’ll be hard pressed to identify two bigger (figuratively speaking) and brighter stars than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart.

For two decades, Johnson has made a name for himself inside and outside of the squared circle of the WWE, gradually transferring his immeasurable charisma and smackdown skills to both the big and small screens. While once identified as the Scorpion King (or any number of his in-ring nicknames), Johnson has now suppressed that label and replaced it with Luke Hobbs from the Fast & Furious franchise and super sports agent, Spencer Strasmore, from HBO’s Ballers.

While The Rock was on the rise, so was comedian Kevin Hart - bringing crowds to tears with some of the funniest comedy of the modern era.
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Still, Bob maintains his innocence and enlists Calvin’s help to clear his name - by catching a mysterious criminal mastermind.

If I’m to be completely upfront and honest, you should know that I’ll never say anything negative about Dwayne Johnson. In my eyes, there’s no such thing as a bad movie if it stars The Rock - and yes, that even includes Doom, which pushes that statement to the brink. No, Johnson isn’t exactly Oscar-bound (at least not yet), but he is easily the most entertaining actor on the planet - whether he’s being featured in a comedy, drama, or action flick.

At the same time, this is probably one of my least favorite roles from Johnson - who plays a character that seems to shift back and forth between uncomfortable and badass far too often. When viewers first meet Johnson’s character, he’s this overweight high school kid that’s dancing in the shower, only to be thrown naked into the middle of an assembly full of students. Embarrassing to say the least, but a scene more about the atrocities of bullying than
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There’s certainly no point in bringing up Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad fame), since he only appears in two or three brief scenes. As a Breaking Bad fan, I wish he would have been involve more - but I’ll take his contribution for what it is, only because he managed to integrate his patented “bitch” into his dialogue.

On the plot front, Central Intelligence is basically like combining Ride Along with American Pie. The underlying plot point of the film is the upcoming high school reunion that both Hart and Johnson’s characters have mixed emotions about attending. Leading up to the inevitable moment, though, there is a solid amount of action - albeit fake action. These two characters should have died like five times over, but it’s a comedy - so

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