Dwelling's Restaurant Case Study

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3. Opportunity Challenge - Unskilled casual and permanent full- time Employees

Dwelling’s Hotel is a five star hotel which operate four restaurants. However the numbers of the customers are unsatisfactory and only %15 internal employees will have meal in the restaurant. Even for the banquet facilities, 1500 customers as maximum number. 42 fulltime employees in kitchen brigade are overestimated. Before hiring, be sure to consider the number of employees you should bring on it. Essentially, consider the following that assess the number of tables, seats or service stations and consider the layout of the kitchen and different kitchen stations. Consider your busiest time first and stay within the means of your budget. (Determine How Many Employees to hire, 2006-2014, n.d). In Dwelling’s Hotel the challenge occurred due to the tensive labor market for skilled chefs. Therefore, 65% unskilled casual employees need to be hired which means 27 unskilled staffs can be unskilled and the rest 15 employees should be permanent full-time. To operate the restaurant, the skilled labor is indeed, who is the portion of workers that have special, technical industry skills relating to the food production. In Dwelling’s Hotel, the executive chef, sous-Chef, Chef de partie, must be skilled employee since he/she needs
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(Osmond Vitez, Skilled Labor Vs. Unskilled Labor, July 28, 2014) Skilled workers can improve food production operations and develop new cooking, technology strategies. Unskilled labors accomplish the daily operations of food production, mise-en-place, assemble line production, 5-s process (sort, set, shine, etc.), hot fill process, etc. For the restaurant, the labor cost occupied significant proportion that cannot be ignored. Therefore, prepare the forecasting for the future guest demand trend combined with internal strategy, develop the flexibility schedule and economic method of the food production is

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