Dwight D. Eisenhower's Legacy

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Think of a person with the first name Dwight, who will forever be remembered in history. Dwight Howard is probably everybody 's first thought, but does anybody realize that Dwight D. Eisenhower did many deeds for the United States that made him a legendary president. The thirty-fourth president, Dwight D. Eisenhower helped to contain communism,expired a war, and prevented the United States from entering into other wars (Freidel and Sidey). Eisenhower’s goals and actions spoke loud and the output of all that he did was and still is seen today. This paper will summarize Eisenhower’s leadership in achieving his three goals aforementioned. During and before the cold war communism was a threat to the United States. The policy of containment was made when Truman was president, by George F. Kennan(Containment and the Marshall Plan). Eisenhower helped enforce the policy after Truman’s two term presidency ended (Biography.com Editors). On January 5,1957, Eisenhower made the Eisenhower Doctrine was for those not controlled by communism who needed…show more content…
This was the Korean War. This war was consisted of two sides (Catoyn et al 654). On one side there is North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union also known as the communists side (654). The pro-american side consisted of South Korea and the United Nations which discludes the Soviets (654). This war started when North Korea crossed over the 38th Parallel Line wanting to make North and South Korea one communist country (654). The war went to North Korea’s odds of winning being higher to South Korea’s of winning being higher (655). In the end, the war landed in a stalemate at the 38th Parallel Line and neither side would budge (655). Eisenhower ended the Korean War by using the threat of atomic weapon use to get a peace treaty signed in 1953 and Korea stayed divided (656). Eisenhower ended the war that would not admit that it was already

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