Dwight Eisenhower's Inauguration Speech

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Dwight Eisenhower gave the best inauguration speech. In Dwight D. Eisenhower’s first inauguration speech, he talked about a lot of things such as freedom, trading, world peace, equality, etc. His speech contained a lot of important things that could help the United States, and it was a speech that could give us a feeling a comfort and faith. Dwight was a wise man, seeing how he was in his late 70’s when he first began his role in presidency. He knew exactly what to say to impress the people of America. To start off, back in the 1950’s things were different. Of course, blacks and whites were having their rough times. Dwight; however, was not against blacks or any other race, in fact, here’s a quote he stated during his speech, “Conceiving the defense of freedom, like freedom itself, to be one and indivisible, we hold all continents and…show more content…
Unfortunately, many people might say he was a horrible president because the authorized the CIA’s overthrow of the Iranian Overthrow. However, just because he did that does not mean he was a bad president. He wasn’t racist, he liked those of different color. He even kept America at peace and ended the Korean War. Dwight did more good things than he did bad things. And by my point of view, he seemed like a really good president. “Honoring the identity and the special heritage of each nation in the world, we shall never use our strength to try to impress upon another people our own cherished political and economic institutions.” (Eisenhower 4) In his speech, he said a lot of good things. Dwight seemed like a good man by the looks of it. To conclude, Dwight gave the most superior speech, he said a lot of things that makes his people happy and did many good things as president. His speech gave the people a sense of closure and satisfaction, they were glad they picked this man as a president. If Dwight were to ever be ‘reborn’ and he ran as president and won, his speech would probably be 100 times
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