Dwight Okita Mericans Analysis

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In a nation filled with so man diverse people how can you determine what makes an American truly American? In the writings "response to executive order 9066" by Dwight Okita and "Mericans" by Sandra Cisneros we get an inside look on the perspective from two different cultures and opinions from two different writers. However both stories contain the same purpose to show the defining characteristics among Americans although, they differ in a few ways. The views, cultural differences, and upbringings are all points in which have both similarities and differences.

The views in both story have some similarities but also contain differences. In "response" the author draws upon noticeable differences among the Two girls in the story one being of Japanese decent and the other a white girl. The innocence shown by the Narrator is shown being that she does not fully understand why she is leaving and where she is going. In the second story she also has a similar view of American culture however she is well knowing that her "awful grandmother" does not approve of her association with American culture.

In the two stories we see a cultural separation at times. In "mericans" we see the conflicting culture between the grandmother and the children showing the lack of acceptance of
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In Dwight Okita's story we see the openness and acceptance of her way of life from her parents to live the life of this new land. In Cisneros' story we see the direct opposition of her lifestyle by the grandmother. Overall we see in both stories we see that no matter your country of origin we will all face adversity from others to be accepted as americans and no matter these struggles nothing can stop one from being what they choose to be in life. The two narrators show innocence and compassion for their ways of life despite the opposition of the US government in Okita's story and the grandmother in Cisneros'
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