Dworkin And Pornography

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Images of naked women have been in the foreground of the minds of feminists for numerous decades, especially when they are featured in a pornographic magazine such as Hustler. Feminists, such as Andrea Dworkin, for years have been campaigning against Hustler, claiming that it is harmful to both men and women. Males around the country have countered this, saying there is nothing wrong with buying such a magazine; it is merely a harmless vice. The problem Dworkin has with magazines like Hustler is that not only does it demean and subjugates women, additionally it promotes male power. This essay will attempt to consider Dworkin’s argument by analyzing a 1983 Hustler magazine cover with some of the views held by Dworkin, identifying the feminist cause and stating whether or not banning an image like this would help that cause.
There is not denying that pornography is constantly surrounding us. It cannot be escaped. It is an initial part of the entertainment industry. The pornography industry is said to be more profitable than the music and video industries combined. Whether it is featured in magazines, or in music, pornography will always be gender-prejudiced. “Feminist writer and tireless campaigner against pornography and the violent oppression of women”, Andrea Dworkin was an outspoken feminist who became one of the leading voices of the fierce debate on pornography and sexual violence, (Bindel, 2005).
In her article, Bindel (2005), describe Dworkin’s works as a ‘tireless

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