Dwyer And Flynn Quote Analysis

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Lastly Dwyer and Flynn provide logical reasoning for why there were struggles with the evacuation process and why there was poor communiction between police, firefighters and co workers and citizens. "The 1938 code had required that the columns of tall buildings be able to stand against fire for four hours; the new code reduced that to three hours. For the floors, the earlier code had demanded three hours of fire protection, the new code cut that to two" (pg. 106) This quote shows how the bulding was getting more and more weak and unsteady through out the years with less fire protection which means the building is not capable to undergo huge amounts of fire and smoke from the attack. Which explains why the building collapsed just a couple hours after the attack. The logos Dwyer and Flynn use answers a lot of quesions readers or general people might have, like why didn 't everyone evacuate when the first tower was struct? Dwyer and Flynn answer this by providing facts. A guy calls the police and the policemen and asks to evacute the policemen responds: "okay, all right, Don 't evacuate."(pg. 70) This quote proves how the head authority are telling civilians to stay put in the building which caused a lot of…show more content…
This confusion and mis communication could of been avioded by the officer telling them to evacuate, many more people would have been out the building before the second hijacked plane hit the second
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