Dying By Myself-Personal Narrative

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There I stood, a child standing there by themselves. (What a sight that would have been to see.) It was my first time ever going to Disney and Florida. I was there with my family. We were all walking through Chinatown into Mexico and were looking for something to eat. My parents stopped to look at the map so we could find a good place to eat while we looked at the fish in the water. As we were looking at the fish my parents left to go to the restaurant. Oh yeah, did I mention they left me there? They obviously didn 't mean to leave a child there by themselves. (I hope) But all of the sudden I was alone, there I stood, a 9-year-old standing there by themselves. There were so many restaurants nearby that I had no idea where they could have gone. I stood there for a few minutes, then I started to walk around, I saw multiple people that could have been then but when I looked it wasn 't them. So I went to the place where I saw them last and they were standing outside of a restaurant across the street from where the pond was. They were across the street the whole time. So while I was freaking out, they were ordering food thinking I 'm just walking around the restaurant.
So I walk up to him and say, "
Where were you guys?!".
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"We were in the restaurant, where were you and why are you outside?" "I was looking for you! You left me here!"
. After that, we went to eat at the restaurant across the street. That day I learned that it helps to pay
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