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Dying language is a language that at the edge of decreasing the number of speakers because of death or shifted to other languages. The language that almost extinct mostly known as endangered language. Most of the people think that dying language is similar to language loss, but it is not same at all. Language loss is one of the sequel of the event to dying language where after a language lost it speakers complete the language will then consider as language. Basically, language loss is a phase where a language completely vanishes from the world as all the people who speak the language die, the language dies with them. In this paper, I will choose the kintaq language that is one of the endangered languages in the world to examine the factors that lead to dying language and also to discuss the solutions in order to revive the…show more content…
First, documented the languages through data collections, recordings, transcription, metadata and also from written sources of speakers. By all the actions above, the government introduces or open up an academic institution to train the linguistics and researchers learning the dying languages (Sallabank,2010). Then, the linguistics could teach or spread the knowledge of the dying languages to society so that they aware of the existence of the dying language and also increase the speakers of the language (Jordan, 2015). This solution can be applied in the government system of Malaysia in order to save the kintaq language from dying. In addition, the educational system could help more if the dying language, for example, kintaq language being a highlight as the core subject that students have to learn. By doing so, the new generations will expose to this language and they will carry the language with them and prevent from vanished through times. To this point, I believe that if the solution is being applied in Malaysia, the kintaq language will survive and out from the endangered

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