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On April 9th 2017 at three forty five pm, terror struck when two million small blobs were sent free into the streets of New York City.

In the beautiful suburbs of New York City, Dylan Foley and his construction team were knocking down a old apartment building. When the crew started digging underground Foley made a shocking discovery. There was more than two million tiny animal-like blobs underground.

Foley stated that the “blobs” just looked at the crew for a good minute before they started crawling out of the hole. He also claims that the blobs swarmed the whole area they were in in a matter of seconds.

Another member of Foleys crew said that, “first they destroyed the trees, then the cement under us, and then whole objects.” Foley states that when he and his crew finally evacuated the scene he lost two of his crew members to the blobs. Dylan Foley says, “These “blobs” or whatever we 're …show more content…

Camilla Apa a citizen of

Midtown East says “The blobs looked you dead in the eye, just when you thought they were going to go away they chased after you. I should know it happened to me.”

The area was destroyed by the blobs. Trees, park benches, parts of buildings, cement from the sidewalks, and sadly people. Justin Dempsey, a husband and a father of two teenagers has been a police officer for the NYPD for ten years. Dempsey says, “This is one of the hardest things I 've ever had to do for my job. It 's devastating how many lives were lost to these blobs.”

All two million blobs were killed by a dangerous poison that scientist created. It was unharmful to humans but very dangerous to the blobs which are now named, hirocitria. Scientist still don’t know how they were created but the hirocitria are now extinct.

Today, the people of Midtown East are still shaken by the dangerous outbreak and saddened by the fact that fifteen lives were taken by the blobs. If you would like to donate to the cause please visit,

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