Dylan Klebold Crop Failure

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Children are fragile and are easier to be influenced and corrupted than adults are. That is why it’s important to raise them in a loving environment and teach them right from wrong at an early start. This image gives an example of what can happen when kids are not raised properly. It’s a watercolor painting of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two kids responsible for the Columbine Massacre. The painting is a caricature of Harris and Klebold’s heads resting on two fingers of a giant hand. It was given the name, “Crop Failure.” Their faces were both painted with an evil and cruel expression. They are both grinning, but their eyes look lifeless and degenerate. The canvas is white with a lot of red in the background. It looks like there is fire…show more content…
The United States president at the time was sending bombs to other countries, and gun control became a hot topic. While the government is hurting others, people still want to use Marilyn Manson as a scapegoat for what happened at Columbine. He says whatever he wants to say, and that scares people. It’s easier to flaunt his face around as the villain than to take initiative and try to help the kids who are suffering. The reason this painting is named “Crop Failure” is because columbine is also the name of a flower. Crop is being used to represent harvest and bringing up children in the correct way. Harris and Klebold are two examples of crop failure because they were brought up very poorly. Instead of blaming the parents, the farmers who harvested them in this instance, people would rather blame the entertainers. The parents do not want to acknowledge that they are not showing their children love or raising them properly, so they would rather condemn heavy metal or violent video games instead. This image was painted to show the inner brutality of these two children. It was meant to show what happens when parenting goes wrong. These kids were bullied and had no one to talk to, so they took it out on other people and themselves. Their environmental surroundings turned them into something
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