Dylan Klebold's The Hobbies And Suicide

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I think the theme of the book would be repetitive. The students all kept wondering why. They all repeatedly were wondering why and were all trying to wrap their minds around what they have just experienced. b. Dylan Klebold was tall and fairly skinny. He wore his hair longer than most boys did at Columbine. He was involved in sports at an early age. Dylan was very quiet and shy. He usually let Eric do all the talking when it came down to it. Dylan had been contemplating suicide for years. He wanted to know what “the next life” had in store for him. Personal Impact c. This book was difficult to read at times and other times it was not so much. The journals written by the boys made it easier to understand their point of view. Although, it is very…show more content…
Their hobbies and mines aren’t the same and to some people with the same hobby as me would describe them as “weird”. Some of their actions would leave me wandering but as clueless as people were they didn’t pay much attention. Some things they did were frightening and dangerous. I would never find interest in the things they did for fun. Understanding the killers f. Dylan changed more throughout the two years than Eric did. Dylan was always shy. He was involved in sports as a kid and usually kept his thoughts inside. He wasn’t very outgoing and did whatever Eric wanted to do. He looked up to Eric. Eric had the plans and Dylan followed with full support. The more the plans started to follow through the more Dylan followed with what Eric was doing and what Eric wanted to do. Responsibility g. The responsibility of the killings depends on what side of the story you hear it from. To Eric and Dylan, they blamed others for their actions because other people made them feel the way they felt, another words “outcasts”. To the survivors and other classmates and families, Eric and Dylan were the one to
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