Dylann Roof's Poem

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Evil Everywhere
With all of the violence in the past, and now the most recent shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, society is more scared than ever. Dylann Roof, proven to be a white supremacist, walked into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and killed innocent people. This incident hit home for so many Americans because not only did the innocent people die, but it was in one of the safest places imaginable, a church (Tauber, Michelle). Many believe that weapons are to blame for this, and others believe that racism is the main focal point. This is not the first of violent crimes in a local church. A poem was written by Dudley Randall about a true story that happened in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963. A group of white supremacists bombed a church that belonged to Martin Luther King Jr. What they did not know was that there were four little girls playing in there at the time. The church should be a safe, quiet place one
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As the mother said in the poem: “O, here’s the shoe my baby wore, But, baby, where are you?” (Randall). She had just told her daughter to go to a safe quiet place and that costed her life. After this news, there were all sorts of finger-pointing and negativity for the bombing. Martin Luther King stated to the governor at the time, George Wallace, “The blood of four little children ... is on your hands,” (Graham). Martin Luther King felt that it was not his fault, even though it was his church. This bombing sparked a racial division that still flows into today. When the news of the Charleston shooting broke, it had people relate right back to the bombing in 1963. This had déjà-vu written all over. Everything from the motive, to the outcome had similarities. Society is so scared to call the shooters motive by how it is; they try to cover up the fact that he was racist. They try to create confusion so there is not uproar of racism because of
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