Dynaflyte Case Study

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1. Have you walked or ran in the first iteration of Dynaflyte (i.e. Dynaflyte v1)? Other than trying the first Dynaflyte on in the store, no.
2. What was your overall feedback? My overall feedback of the Dynaflyte 2 is that it is a very comfortable shoe for a neutral runner. I need a stability shoe, so running with this shoe was painful in the ankles, but cushion-wise it was a great shoe. In the past, Asics have always been too heavy and bulky shoes for me to run in, so I have moved on to other brands, but this Dynaflyte was a great and comfortable shoe for me to work in, and walk around in. I liked the shoe overall and think that it is a great option for a neutral runner.
3. First impressions of Dynaflyte 2- WITHOUT trying it on (e.g. overall look, colorway, feeling,
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What other footwear model (outside the ASICS line) would you pull for a customer with Dynaflyte 2? I would pull a Brooks Launch and a New Balance Zante to compare to this shoe.
8. What would you change about Dynaflyte 2 (e.g. upper material, midsole, weight, drop, etc.) The middle of the upper part of the shoe (below the shoe lases, above my arch) seemed a little too narrow for my foot, so my feet were hanging over the middle of the shoe which looked a little weird on my foot, so maybe make that part of the shoe wider. Other than that, the upper material seems to be very durable and breathable, and the weight on the shoe is very light compared to other Asics that I have tried in the past.
9. At face-value (just looking at it on the shelf), how much would you guess Dynaflyte 2 costs? After wear-testing, how much do you think Dynaflyte 2 should cost? At first, I would guess that the Dynaflyte costs about $100. After wearing them I think the price could go to $115. I think that compared to other shoes of similar weight, cushion, etc. that you couldn’t get much more than $120 out of customers.
10. Overall rating of Dynaflyte 2 (out of 5 stars-1 star being the lowest, 5 being the
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