Dynamic Analysis In Software Development

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DYNAMIC AND STATIC ANALYZER Manikanta Varma Institute of Technology, Nirma University S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, India 12bce017@nirmauni.ac.in Abstract — In software development life cycle, all the stages play a vital role. Any software developed is incomplete without proper testing. Testing is when the developer can rectify all the defects in the software developed and can apply proper corrections, so that the purpose of the software developed is accomplished to the fullest. In this survey paper, we discuss two stages or ways in which testing stage can be accomplished. First, being the static analysis and second being the dynamic analysis. Keywords --- static analysis, dynamic analysis, functional testing, testing, static v/s dynamic analysis.…show more content…
This analysis is also used to assist the user in constructing test data by describing the subset of the input domain that causes that path to be executed [4]. Issues related to this symbolic evaluation might be: • Output may be extremely complex and hard to manually recognize as proper formula[4]. • Evaluation might become complex due to the fact that a program variable (an array element) may have another variable embedded in it[4]. • It also might be difficult to verify the correctness of the evaluator. Structured walkthroughs is one of the technique used for testing, Walkthrough involve: • Certain classes of inputs are selected and then the actions of the system for that class of data are traced through the design[4]. Design inspections are similar but differ from structured walkthrough in several respects[4]. Design inspections induce substantial improvement in quality and productivity through the use of formal inspections of the design and the code [2][4].The design and inspection process can be summarized as first, describe the program development process in terms of operations , and their define exit criteria which must be satisfied for completion of each program[4]. Second, separate the objective of the inspection process operations to keep the inspection team focused on one object at a time .The various steps involved…show more content…
Testing plays the vital role, as it verifies and validates the software without which the software might not conform to the user requirements or generate desired results. We have seen that, in static testing, we do not require executing the program. It requires a team of few developers to verify and validate the code manually, by going through each line of code and checking it for errors and outcomes. While, dynamic testing, requires execution of the program, and it further enhances the security of the software as it leads to various complex errors which can't be identified without executing the code. Thus, both of these methods go hand in hand and enhance software’s

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