Dynamic Characters

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One of the important parts of writing a novel is to create different types of characters that develop over time. They could be either static or dynamic. Dynamic characters in a story undergo a significant change because of the actions in the plot. They face obstacles with other characters, and sometimes learn a lesson from their mistakes while also gaining maturity. Having dynamic characters is important to a story because plot twists occur and it adds tension to the story that may shock the reader. It shows that characters who went through different experiences in the past, suddenly shift their ways by the end. These changes can be positive or negative depending on what happens in the story. Charles Dickens uses figurative language, fairy-tale…show more content…
Although Pip is the main character, he makes a lot of wrong choices and does not realize it till the end, some of which are based on the fact that he wants to please others, such as Estella. When Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house and meets Estella, she judges him for having “thick boots”, “coarse hands”, and how “he calls the knaves, jacks.” (59) This immediately makes Pip feel ashamed of himself and he blames Joe for the way he is when he says, “I wished Joe had been rather more genteelly brought up, and then I should have been so, too.” (60) Later on, when Pip finds out about his opportunity to become a gentleman, he suddenly changes from this young, ignorant boy to a negative person with too much pride. Having too much pride causes him to feel superior than Joe and Biddy and whenever Joe would come to visit him, he would be upset about it. However, since he is more miserable and lonely as getting an education as a gentleman too, he learns that social class, wealth, education etc. is not important to one’s self worth and their value.
Dickens compiles all these different and effective literary devices in his writings to create his own unique style that also inspired other authors. By showing character development over time in Great Expectations, the characters have their
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