Dynamic Characters In The Color Purple

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In “The Color Purple”, Alice Walker tells of the lives of African American women and their struggles with confidence and keeping their heads up through the shocking injustices forced upon them. In this book there are many examples of dynamic characters. A dynamic character is a literary or dramatic character who undergoes an important inner change as a change in personality or attitude. Celie, Albert, and Sofia are three examples of characters that experience these transitions. Celie’s life has been one heartbreak after another but she overcomes her low self-esteem despite it, Albert, Celie’s husband, was close to the worst person I’d ever seen but after Celie leaves him his character changes dramatically, and Sofia, initially fierce and strong, loses herself after being her outspoken and courageous self took away her whole world but she soon finds her way back. These character’s stories made my heart ache. Nobody deserves to be treated the way they were and it’s a piece of history we can never let happen again.…show more content…
In this time being a strong woman hadn’t been something that you’d see everyday. Women were told to take care of the children, the house, and never to talk back but Sofia didn’t take anything from anybody and that’s just what got her into trouble. When Sofia had punched a white man in the face she was sent to jail and should’ve served 12 years but she instead went to work for the man’s wife to serve her sentence. After all of this Sofia wasn’t the same and she became quiet and didn’t talk back anymore. Maybe she felt that she needed to conform because the cost of resistance was to much for her and it hadn’t gotten her anywhere good so far. Her spirit seemed to be obliterated until Sofia witnessed Celie’s outburst of courage and rebellion. She watched as Celie held a knife to her terrible husbands throat and she laughed. Seeing Celie stand up for herself made her return to her old
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