Dynamic Characters In The Crucible

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There are stories in literature that have characters that are dynamic, static or rounded and so on.We are going to be talking about dynamic characters and how they change throughout any play and any book.A dynamic characters can change how they feel or they can change by their actions during the book or play. An example is by not helping people at the start, but towards the end, they start helping people with the tasks they need help with.In The crucible, two characters stand out as good examples of dynamic characters.
One good example of a good dynamic character in The crucible is John Proctor.
At the beginning of the play in act 1 when John and Abigail talk how their relationship used to be how they had fun with each other behind John’s wife.John was being unfaithful to his wife, when he went to look up at Abigail window when she would sleep, instead of being by his wife.Abigail said, “I know how you used to clutch my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near”(Miller 1043). John is different in act 3 because he wants to save his wife and his friends wives.John does
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Hale said, “I have this morning signed away the soul of Rebecca Nurse, Your Honor. I’ll not conceal it, my hand shakes as with a wound! I pray you, sir, this argument let lawyers present to you”(Miller
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