Dynamic Role Of Social Media

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Social Media Marketing and its Dynamic Role in

Introduction: In the 21st century the new techniques and methods of communications are developed and it’s changed day by day life. Social Media is one of them which enable us to express our self in new way. Social Media is internet based tool which shares and discusses the information among peoples and companies. Social Media is relatively inexpensive and vastly accessible through the electronic tools which enable peoples to publish and access information and establish relationship. Social Media is technology which allows peoples to create their own contents, ideas and share them though the various network connections. Social Media use web based technologies to quickly circulate knowledge
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The big brand companies make use of these Social Media tools to greater extent to realize their strong existence and to establish friendly relationship with customers. For bringing value to customer and establishing strong relationship Social Media is utilized by the companies. By using Social Media companies communicate with their customers one-to-one or in group easily.
Types of Social Media:
1. Social Network Sites: These are the websites where people create their personal pages and shared their views, ideas and establish relationship with new friends. Example: LinkedIn, Facebook.
2. Blogs: A blog is a type of website which has posts; it appears in reverse chronological order. In this Blog you can post anything you want.
3. Wikis: It is website or database developed collaboratively by a user’s community, it allows any user to add or edit content.
4. Microblogging: It is differs from a blog. In Microblogging its content is generally smaller in actual and aggregated file size. It allows users to exchange short sentences, images and video
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Social Media Marketing can be done by two ways one is adding social media links to the content and second is promoting activity through social media by updating statuses, blogs, and tweet. With the help of Social Media Marketing tool companies are getting direct feedback from their customers about the products and services. In Social Media Marketing, companies use online videos, photo sharing, news sharing, blogs, wikis, and posts on social networking sites to reach targeted customers.
Need of Social Media Marketing:
1. To reach a large number of customers in a more spontaneous way without paying large advertising fees.
2. Social Media sites have information like user profile data, which can be used to target a specific set of users for promoting the products and services.
3. Social Media Marketing simultaneously makes you easier and more approachable for new consumer, and makes them more familiar and recognizable for existing consumers.
4. To gain market and competitive information.
5. To increase awareness and interaction and with the products and services.
How to use Social Media to expand and promote products and

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