Voltage Restorer Research Paper

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ABSTRACT Sensitive loads were greatly affected by power-quality (PQ) disturbances in the system. Power quality tribulations such as voltage sag and harmonic distortion along with dependability issues are some major concern and in this work the voltage distortion & reactive power issues are considered. Inverters based on Voltage Source Converters (VSC) are widely used as a basic component in custom power devices. These controllers produce voltage harmonics due to switching operation of power electronic converters. The proposed controller supplements the voltage-sag compensation control of the DVR. It does not require phase-locked loop and independently controls the magnitude and phase angle of the injected voltage for each phase. It has advantages such as limit the fault current , interrupt the fault current within two cycles, interrupt the fault current during arching fault and low dc link voltage. The circuit was being simulated using MAT LAB. I. INTRODUCTION The ongoing expansion and growth of the electric utility industry continuously introduce changes to a once predictable…show more content…
The primary function of DVR is to minimize the voltage sags on lines that cater to sensitive equipment. The control voltage applied to the load by injecting a voltage of compensating amplitude, frequency and phase angle to the distribution line. The voltage turns to the desired magnitude in case of any disturbances. The device functions as a filter between the transmission line and the facility, thus enabling the facility to continuously receive clean power. The DVR primarily responsible for restoring the quality of voltage delivered to the end user when the voltage from the source is not appropriate to be used for sensitive loads. Usage of DVR enables consumers to isolate and protect themselves from transients and disturbances caused by sags and swells on the transmission lines or distribution

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