Dynamics Between Leadership And Management Essay

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3.1.2 – Dynamics between leadership and management
According to John Kotter from Harvard Business School, leadership and management are both complementary as well as distinct from each other. Kotter talks about the dynamics between leadership and management as being a part wherein the leadership process involves developing the vision of the organisation and aligning the people with the vision of the organisation and motivating employees through the satisfaction of their needs. Leadership brings in change in the organisation.
Whereas the management involves the functional aspects like planning, organising, staffing and controlling and problem-solving. Management mostly involves implementing the vision and direction provided by the leaders.
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Collaborative: Leaders must be able to get the individuals to work in a collaborative environment.

3.1.4 – Culturally sensitive leadership in a globalised business world.
Leaders must look at individuals and business acquaintances as people from different backgrounds and try and create an environment without stereotypes. In the earlier era, it was easier to work in an environment where individuals belonged to the same culture and the basic psychological needs and motivations and the sensitivity to the existing differences were enough.
But today, globalisation has changed the work environment, the way we work and has increased the cultural differences. Today’s leaders must work with a diverse workforce and also ensure good relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues from around the world. The leaders must be aware that the culture varies from person to person.
In order to understand the cultural differences that exists among the teams or employees in an organisation, the leader may have study the group on the basis of the certain parameters such as
a. Communication- whether the culture the individual belongs to is low context or high context
b. Evaluation – whether the individual is open to direct negative feedback or

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