Dysfunction And Behavior In The Article Phineas Gage, By Kendra Cherry

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Brain dysfunction and behavior
The brain is vital to a humans existence. It directs almost everything we do in our daily life. The brain controls our voluntary movements, regulates involuntary activities, stores our memories, allows us to feel emotion and gives each individual a unique personality. Dysfunction in the brain either caused by deformity in development or through a serious head injury can alter a person's behavior. We can see such evidence of behavioral change in the article "Phineas Gage" by Kendra Cherry. Gage attained severe brain injury, and even though he miraculously survived the accident, according to his friends he was a different man entirely.
According to the article by Kendra Cherry, it was like any other normal day for the twenty five year old Phineas Gage on September 13, 1848. Until however, he suffered a traumatic brain injury. That day Gage was working as a forman of a crew preparing a railroad. While he was using an iron tamping rod to pack explosive powder, it detonated, sending the 43 inch long and 1.25 inch diameter rod spurting upward. According to Cherry the rod penetrated Gage's left cheek, tore through his brain, and finally exited his skull. After the first physician to respond, Dr.
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That anger of not making money, not being able to provide for himself could possibly lead him to commit a crime. Because, Gage became a lazy and a drunkard; he did not want to work. Therefore, if he wanted to take the easy way out he could have more than likely committed a crime to earn money and provide for himself rather than actually working a job everyday. We can clearly see how brain dysfunction does not lead a person to commit a crime directly, however other external factors as societal, economic and family problems can lead him towards committing
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