Dysfunctional And Functional Conflict Analysis

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In every organisation there is bound to be conflict among staff which is where conflict management comes in as it is the management of negative conflict within the company. Conflict can cause dysfunctional and functional conflict. Dysfunctional conflict causes group performance to be affected while functional conflict improves group performance. Conflict can exist between supervisor and subordinates or suppliers and customers. Conflict occurs when two or more people disagree. Conflict management is problem solving abilities, good negotiation skills and effective communication and is important for an organisation to succeed as it helps to improve communication between colleagues.

Steve Jobs is a demanding boss with high expectations for his staff which causes conflict between him and his staff. This conflict is also known as dysfunctional conflict. As Steve jobs also mistreats his staff and encourages the top teams to be competitive towards each other even if they are in the same department within the same company. This leads to objective interference which is a potential cause of conflict. As Steve jobs encouraged his staff to compete with each other to attain a common goal. As there are many groups only one group can be at the top. Since only one group can be at the top some might not attain their goals causing conflict between the groups. This can also affect the cohesiveness and negatively affect the social harmony within the departments within the company. Thus leading

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