Transactional Reader Response Great Gatsby

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1. What does it mean in transactional reader response theory that reading is a “self-corrective” process? (3p) Illustrate using one of the novels from the course.
Reading previous sections of the text can help the reader to develop or completing the interpretation of texts, a.k.a. the poem, reading a text again will therefore help the reader correct previous mistakes in the interpretation. That is why by reading a text again, you are actually correcting mistakes of your own interpretation by yourself. For example, in the Great Gatsby we are always improving our interpretation of the text throughout the book. The narrator, Nick Caraway, in the Great Gatsby guides us through the book, Caraway is believable, and the reader wants to trust in his
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In the analysis of the text, the patterns of behaviour play are the repetition of certain destructive behaviour that probably is unintentional behaviour – we do not know that we have psychological problems. Because we do not know about these patterns, the patterns can have a strong influence of a person’s life and behaviour. For example, in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has a dysfunctional behaviour when it comes to money. He believes that earning a lot of money will get him the love of his life. He uses any means necessary to earn as much money as possible, he even commits…show more content…
patriarchal ideology refers to the belief that woman are inferior to men, hence men are superior to women. That is why men have the right to control their wives and tell them how to dress and act. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie faces the harsh reality of a dominant husband. This marriage, which is her second, starts passionately, but later on she becomes aware of psychological oppression he has over her. Her husband demises Janie´s presence among others “..mah wife don´t know nothin´´bout no speech-makin´. Ah never married her for nothin´lak dat. She´s uh woman and her place is in de home.” (p.43). Joe Starks completely controls Janie, made her hide her hair, didn´t allow her to participate in conversations and games. After Joe had assaulted her after she failed cooking a nice meal, Janie became aware of her faulty image of their loving relationship, she had never truly loved him. Janie starts to revolt, when he starts to diminishes her looks she talks back: “Talkin´´bout me lookin´old! When you pull down yo´britches, you look lak de change uh life.”(p.79). Throughout their marriage, Janie´s husband shows her that he is superior, that he knows better, all because she is “just” a
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