Dysfunctional Family Case Study

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Discuss the following: What kinds of cognitions are fueling what kinds of behaviors for each member of our client family? What are some shared cognitions that the family shares? How can we use CBT to help this family? How might we go about using CBT with a trauma-informed lens with this family? Some of the shared cognition that the family shares is in emotional cognition, anxiety disorder, depression .loss ,grief, anger , shame guilt embarrassment, pride, enviousness, jealousy, eating compulsion and sadness. Starting with Rebecca and Jack past history and how trauma have an impact on her parenting it has been noticeable how Rebecca and Jack love their children and over protected them with a lot of love. Even though they were loving parents to their children they were a dysfunctional…show more content…
They would need to shift their thoughts and focus by learning the ways on how to process positive and adaptive thoughts. Their communications skills have to change in order to improve and modified the behavior that is dysfunctional (Charlie Walter Memorial Trust (2017). The family as a unit and individual needs to learn how to self-regulate. According to (Thomlinson, 2016) give us an example of implementing Cognitive Behavioral Family therapy. Family problems must be defined on specifics behaviors. We could integrated a family base approach along with a strength based (Kerig, 2010) approach to empower each of the family members. The family as a unit would need to be assess and also, as individuals. Through assessments the therapy informs him/herself about what has been the trauma implicated in each of the family members and the patters that behaviors have caused. Psychoeducation should be provided and that way everyone in the family can be educated. The family needs to resolve issues of trust, affect regulations and learn how to used coping strategies to understand how to deal with their
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