Dysfunctional Family Video Analysis

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In the video entitled, “Confessions of A Dysfunctional Family: A Structural Family Systems Approach,” I liked that the therapist was trying to help the family by using a structural approach. This video lines up with the concepts discussed in chapter 12 of our textbook. Family structure is known as an invisible set of functional demands that organize the way in which family members interact (Gladding, 2015). This is a very important concept and so is the concept of parental subsystems or those who are responsible for the care, protection, and socialization of children (Gladding, 2015). This is the idea of the hierarchy that the therapist mentioned in the video. She explained the hierarchy structure of the family and help the family recognize …show more content…

She seemed to be more directive in her session and helped guide the clients to where they wanted to be. She used a few different techniques that were very realistic for a family setting approach. I like that the father was not overbearing and was able to listen to what she had to say. If he did not listen it would have been a whole different outcome. It seemed that this family had better boundaries compared to my own family. Boundaries are the physical and psychological factors that separate people from one another and organize them (Gladding, 2015). When watching this video, it did make me think of some of the issues that were happening that were like my own family and the differences that I could see as well. One example is that in my family it would not be as easy to respect the situation and just listen. It seems that my family does not have clear boundaries and is much more enmeshed. This family seemed to have more clearer boundaries meaning that they were able to enhance their own communication by allowing room for communication and/or new dialogue to occur (Gladding, 2015). As I mentioned before my family boundaries are much more rigid and there are always struggles for

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